Cannes Lions, real time content & the final demise of old school advertising

The dust is now settling on what has been TINTs most successful Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to date. With over 43,000 entries the Lions Festival team have been pushed to award some of the best work in the world, there have been some high’s (school trip to mars) and some lows (the questionable fake refugee app that won a lion, but did not have a workable version).
Many of the people who come to the festival are there to catch up with their global colleagues and clients, find some new ones and celebrate the last 12 months of hard work in the creative industries across the world. There’s been a lot of chatter about some award controversy, but for me, this is a good sign that the festival is ‘in some cases’ pushing the boundaries and dealing with new topics in new ways. People will always take sides, and healthy debate is essential to grow, learn and innovate.

Real time content 
We worked with our partner Haymarket Media to deliver dynamic content curated from London directly into the large Clear Channel Outdoor screen above The Grand in Cannes. Real-time content was written by the Campaign Magazine editorial team and posted into one of the largest screens in Europe throughout the festival.

TINT delivered social, editorial and video content into the screen, which had the flexibility to be curated remotely from anywhere. With new social based streaming technology really kicking off, it’s exciting to see what will be possible for next year’s festival.

The final demise of old school advertising
Clear Channel’s activation area ‘The Clear Channel Beach’ was highlighting some really fun ‘Out of Home’ advertising that delivered the opposite of generic marketing (which is still the norm across the world). There was everything from live festival stats from Buzzfeed, to a fun green-screen activation from Adweek, which made everyone a frontpage star, as well as an awesome game promotion that allowed you to become part of the action.

For me Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity will formally be about collaboration and networking. We worked on over 20 interviews with our partner ICCO and met some awesome new partners that we intend to innovate their industries with this year.

No1 highlight
TINT were asked to speak on a panel for OgilvyOD, with the famous Lynsey Addario, of which Steven Spielberg’s next film will be about her life, which was an honour and privilege. Watch out for a new blog coming up, ‘when TINT met Lynsey Addario and Getty Images’.

What’s next? 
Next year, we will see more controversy, a deeper set of awards for the PR community, and traditional ad companies giving way to more platform based start-ups leading the way, and maybe, SnapChat will come out of their mini festival next to the Palais for some wise words on why they are getting more views on their platform right now than TV does.

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