26 reasons why UGC will change the face of Advertising forever

The HashTag is the most powerful marketing solution since the invention of the Television Ad. Creative agencies are often putting HashTags on creative designs, but often doing nothing with the content that’s created from them – its time for this to change, and this change is not driven by those creative agencies, but by the public’s engaging with those brands themselves.

Ask yourself, why have you put a HashTag on your Ad? What are you trying to achieve? Is it to get people to do something? What’s the call-to-action? What are your objectives? When people HashTag back, what are you doing with it? How is this part of the customer journey? How is the consumer going to benefit from engaging in your interactive Ad?

We explore this and more in our blog on how User Generated Content (UGC) is changing the face of the Advertising world and is never going away.

Goodbye to traditional Adverts, hello to socially enabled interactive global user generated advertising across all channels.

  1. User generated content (UGC) is trusted by 90% of people (SAP report)
  2. UGC is driven only by people who are interested in the brand – removing guess work
  3. UGC automatically targets your perfect demographic eliminating the need for costly targeting
  4. UGC content is naturally global
  5. UGC is happening on every device, all the time
  6. UGC through social media is the largest content channel in the world by far
  7. Social commerce is dominating ecommerce and mcommerce, driven by consumers themselves
  8. UGC puts the brand story in the hands of consumers, and consumers love it!
  9. People are creating UGC across social media channels 24/7 around the world
  10. UGC Advertising projects can be created globally, across every region in the world in moments
  11. UGC content is the most valuable content in the world
  12. UGC cuts through, people expect brands to say their products and services are the best thing in the world – by publishing content of people who love a product and service instills trust, and brand trust often equates to revenue, and long term customer loyalty
  13. UGC is being created in real time about any subject, brands can tap into this and react in real-time
  14. UGC analytics provide brands with not only reach and influencer information, but also geo-location of where content came from. Social data that is an analytical dream come true
  15. People that are encouraged to HashTag or engage with a brand bring them closer to the brand message in a way that has never been possible before
  16. UGC platform technology can be published into all devices and into any region or language in seconds
  17. UGC provides the worlds most influential content
  18. UGC projects allow brands to collect rich media based interactive content
  19. UGC Ads are content engines for brands, happening and publishing constantly
  20. UGC solutions are Omni-channel providing huge cost savings
  21. UGC content creates an open channel to a brands perfect consumer demographic profile (if I am a CEO and I am encouraged to tweet a HashTag as part of a UGC campaign for Armani Hotels, then its likely that my social community are also like me, likely around the same age and possibly includes other CEOs) automatic targeting across any subject or vertical
  22. UGC can tell a narrative if pushed into tactical media assets, across DOOH for example
  23. UGC solutions can highlight the type of content people love the most, which automatically gives brands a steer on what their next UGC campaign should be around
  24. UGC campaigns have a higher propensity to become viral than any other strategy
  25. UGC will evolve the Advertising world and force it to innovative in a naturally way – putting publics at the centre of strategy will be the No1 priority for the worlds leading brands
  26. Creative agencies often provide a vision, or creative idea; with no definite knowledge of if these images or if a certain angle will catch people’s attention. UGC solutions collect all content relating to a social subject, HashTag etc., and pulls out the most engaged posts, which can then inform creative strategy for the next piece of work

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