A day in the life of a European Director

I want this blog to highlight how it is super important to always do something you love, and in doing that, you are able to deliver the very best of yourself and the best for your organisation. Never be afraid to take risks, always look beyond the brief, always look to innovative and push through what your competitors are doing. Never settle for 2nd best – you are amazing and we are all so lucky to be in a world with so much opportunity and ability to help each other. 

Its got to the point, that when new partners ask ‘who do TINT work with?” then the answer can be a little embarrassing, as it sounds like we are showing off, with more than 45,000 brands on our books and growing each day, we are at a point globally, where our activity is joining up whether its with brands, media owners or agencies – it’s an exciting time for everyone we speak to.

Working at TINT is hard, we work long hours, some days start at 5.00am and end at 2.00 am and for sure would not fit people working a 9 to 5 job, however with dedication, inspiration, persistence and having an amazingly supportive team behind you – your working day, could be like this.

  • 6.00 am Morning email check from US activity with the San Francisco team at dawn
  • 6.30 am Diary check
  • 8.00 am Get my three boys ready for school
  • 8.30 am Take my TINT mobile, (black Vespa) into Bristol
  • 9.00 am Train to London / build proposal for Audi
  • 9.30 am Answer Weber Shandwick’s Nespresso queries
  • 9.35 am Rio2016 TINT confirmation comes in
  • 10.00 am Dubai Lynx goes live
  • 10.30 am Arrive into Paddington
  • 11.00 am Google confirm meeting
  • 11.30 am Get to the CIPR – for KPMG meeting
  • 12.40 pm Invite agreed with Coca-Cola strategy session
  • 13.00 pm Strategy session at TIME Inc
  • 14.30 pm Go to The Roundhouse to meet the AV team and format TINT on 3 huge Jumbotrons and 4 other large screens for the Circle Ball
  • 17.45 pm Daily stand-up meeting with the global team on hang-out
  • 18.00 pm Dinner at Aqua Shard with InStyle – Marie Claire publishers
  • 20.30 pm Go to The Roundhouse – Circle Ball and bring InStyle with me
  • 00.30 am Taxi home – collect updates for tomorrow
  • 1.00 am Tim our CEO announces that we are on course to close our biggest month ever
  • 1.15 am Slack catch up with the team in San Francisco
  • 1.30 am Dairy check for tomorrow
  • 1.40 am Download maps for meeting locations
  • 1.45 am Bed

A few years ago the idea of sharing my Facebook account with the people I work with was bonkers and never going to happen. However, I now share all my social channels with the whole team I work with, they know I like to play music, what my children are like and what inspires me outside of work. The reason my work and private life is so joined up, is that i have found a job I love, and work with people that inspire me and that I deeply respect.

For me, I enjoy waking up each day to new challenges and in a place that’s right for me, with a fantastic mix of digital innovation, partnership development, relationship management and all out fun.

TINT is moving extremely fast, we have global projects in over 170 countries – we are in a privileged position in terms of what we have achieved, where we are going, and for me, this is largely down to the hard work of our staff, the dedication to innovation we have with our partners, our push for close sustained partnerships and most of all ‘doing the work we all love‘.

If you would like to know more about UGC technology then get in touch. stu@ugcagency.com +44(0)7896639511 – Lets Innovate! #ugcagency